My earliest memory of a diwali gharonda is from my dadighar (paternal grandparents’ house) where my dadaji (grandfather) had got a permanent gharonda made with concrete. Although I don’t have a picture of the gharonda, it is etched in my memory. As a four-year-old I was totally fascinated by the two-storey structure with a balcony and neat little steps leading up to it from the ground floor. There were windows and doors and the gharonda looked so real. Every year it got a fresh coat of whitewash and looked as good as new.

Lockdown diaries -The Pani-Puri Challenge

This Corona-Lockdown has revealed two kinds of people. First, like me, who were satisfied with stocking enough rice, pulses, and aata (flour) to last them the month. Then there were those who took the lockdown by its horns and turned it into art. Now, before I proceed, let me tell you something that most of … Continue reading Lockdown diaries -The Pani-Puri Challenge

Farming in the wild

Native Americans have practiced this method of farming for centuries until the practice lost its importance in early twentieth century. Now with a new name, Agroforestry is being adopted by countries like USA and Indonesia on a large scale to solve the man-made environmental problems. Find out more about Agroforestry...