Lockdown diaries -The Pani-Puri Challenge

This Corona-Lockdown has revealed two kinds of people. First, like me, who were satisfied with stocking enough rice, pulses, and aata (flour) to last them the month. Then there were those who took the lockdown by its horns and turned it into art. Now, before I proceed, let me tell you something that most of … Continue reading Lockdown diaries -The Pani-Puri Challenge

The Victims

"Sardar ji, kithey?" Preeto called out from inside the kitchen. Sardar ji went about tying his turban around the frown lines on his forehead. He wrapped the final end of the cloth and tucked it inside securely. "Main kahya ji, where are you going now?" Preeto emerged from the kitchen, her hands covered with wet … Continue reading The Victims

An EYE for an EYE

The group was silent now in the aftermath of her argument with Ritu, her new, abominable neighbour. As the society's ex-president's wife, Mrs. Juneja considered it her duty to always think of ways to make the neighbourhood better. Several even applauded her constant endeavours regarding the society's matters. Only Ritu had the galls to contradict. Ritu - the ex-Miss whatever queen!


Riya glanced at Charu wading through the knee-deep water that was gurgling around her legs. Her wet clothes clung to her curves, showing more skin than needed. This was what kept Abhinav hooked to her twin. She frowned and bit her lip. Charu was close to the bank now, struggling up a cluster of high rocks. Two more minutes. Surreptitiously, Riya turned her gaze upriver. Anytime now!