Plastic munchers

Plastic in your trashcan, plastic in landfills, plastic on the roadside, plastic in our oceans. Agreed, the invention of plastic has truly revolutionized our world. Whether to keep our food stored safely or to design cars – plastic is probably the most useful product at our disposable. And yet, it is the most harmful, the most irksome, the most dangerous one too. Plastic is clogging up our environment like nothing else can and we are at a loss when it comes to managing our mounting plastic trash.

Who knew the humble, miniscule mealworm could come to our rescue? Good things do come in small packages, don’t you agree?

My article on Kinooze this week:

One thought on “Plastic munchers

  1. I did not know that such plastic munchers do exist ! Excellent and educative article. The one who discovered these worms deserve noble prize.

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