Charu thrashed playfully in the water. "Save me! Save me!" "Quit it, Charu. Let me read." "Riya, why don't you atleast dip your feet?" "With my limp? Huh!" "What limp?" Charu chuckled, then took another dip. A swim in the river were her favourite summer past-time. Riya grimaced at her twin, then turned her gaze … Continue reading Retribution

Chhat and nostalgia

Firecrackers in a distance. It's five in the morning, and I had just woken up. Somewhere the morning Arghya was going on offcourse! I visualized men and women, dipped upto their waists in freezing cold water, offering their prayers to the rising sun. And instantly I was transported several years ago to my childhood days, … Continue reading Chhat and nostalgia

Yet another day – oh! wait, it’s my birthday!

Ping. That is my phone, under my pillow. It is vibrating violently, making my pillow wriggle. Crap! I forgot to put it in sleep mode last night. Who is calling / messaging me so early? Even before my morning alarm? Groggily I pull out the phone. It continues to wriggle. I realize that the message … Continue reading Yet another day – oh! wait, it’s my birthday!