Plastic munchers

Plastic in your trashcan, plastic in landfills, plastic on the roadside, plastic in our oceans. Agreed, the invention of plastic has truly revolutionized our world. Whether to keep our food stored safely or to design cars - plastic is probably the most useful product at our disposable. And yet, it is the most harmful, the … Continue reading Plastic munchers


It broke my heart to see him like that. Sitting alone in a corner of the room, leaning on his walking stick and sobbing softly. Outside the window it poured cats and dogs. As if the heavens were crying with him. "Baba, it'll be okay -" "What okay?" he snapped, but said nothing further. "Didn't … Continue reading LOVE, WHEN THE SUN SETS

Paranormal Romance fiction – Till death do us apart

That voice, it had to be … “OMG! Shaurya! It’s you?” I squinted to see him better in the semi-darkness. The heavy drizzle was making it more difficult! Why was he standing in the rain? His uniform was dripping wet! Read more: Till death do us apart This Flash fiction won the first runner's up … Continue reading Paranormal Romance fiction – Till death do us apart

Train Diaries – Kargil and an army wife

About a month back as I was travelling from Delhi to my hometown in Ranchi by train, I realized how integral this mode of transport is to us Indians. Especially the middle class ones like me. Anywhere we need to go, near or far, we first look at this tracked option.And each of us has … Continue reading Train Diaries – Kargil and an army wife

Into the Kathmandu valley

Today's headlines screamed "Nepal plane crash: Builders' holiday turns into mourning for Trichy". A mountain flight on its way back into the capital city had 'nipped' a hill on approach. The terrain only helped blow it into smithereens. The sad news reminded me of my own flight into this city a few months back. It … Continue reading Into the Kathmandu valley