‘A City fit for Royals’ by Shweta Sinha #TheCityasMuse

This article of mine comes at the heels of a great personal loss. Nanaji… whose tales I grew up upon and who finds a mention here as well… this is for you.


As an IT professional, Shweta Sinha has been to several places around the world. When what is seen is not enough, she loves conjuring up worlds through her writing. Her stories and articles have been published on Kinooze.com, a children’s news website, and in Woman’s Era. There’s more from her at https://shwetasheel.wordpress.com. An avid reader, Shweta believes books complete her world that she otherwise shares with her husband, two boys, parents and an aquarium full of colourful fishes.

Comment: Shweta’s intensely personal and emotional piece on Kathmandu delves deep into nostalgia, but leaves a mark by making a poignant statement about the ethos of her city.


Houses crumbling to dust, the air resounding with haunting cries, historic monuments turning to history – these images rocked the world only months ago. While they shook every heart, mine bled with an unfamiliar angst. For the city of…

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From the archives: Our journey to Yash Chopra Land – III

“Koi Shikwa agar ho, aur shikayat agar ho… humse gila karo, par tum mila karo. Haan maine bhi pyar kiya hai….” Crooned the music system of a car coming in our direction. Abhishek B and Karisma K danced in front of my tired eyes. We never believed God would hear our prayers so soon.

From the archives: Our journey to Yash Chopra Land – II

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Train diaries – Survival of the adaptable

Train journeys become memorable when they give us an opportunity to meet interesting people and the time to get to know their stories.  For some reason a train's vibrations are extremely congenial to raking up interesting conversations and confessions. And when I think of all the interesting conversations I have been part of, this one clearly wins hands … Continue reading Train diaries – Survival of the adaptable